Hardball Trivia: Questions and Answers

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may 31, 2018:  he was one of the earliest white settlers in south Dakota, and has a well known attraction named after him in sd.  Who is he?  answer: 

may 25, 2018:  in the ne and central parts of sd settlement was rampant between 1880 and 1885.  which two counties grew the most in population during that time?  answer: brown and spink

May 24, 2018:  by the time gov. carl gunderson was inaugurated in 1925, 175 of these had closed their doors.  what was it?  answer:  banks

may 22, 2018:  what was the name of the first newspaper published between huron and pierre, and what year did it begin?  answer: hand co. press in 1882.

may 21, 2018:  how long must a person live in sd to qualify for the sd hall of fame?  answer: There is no specific amount of time.  just some part of your life.

May 17, 2018:  which county in Sd was the first to hold a pheasant season?  answer: spink

may 14, 2018:  ten graduates of usd have all received this scholarship, and eventually all served in the same role.  What was the scholarship, and what role did they fill?  answer: Rhodes scholars that became Judges.

may 4, 2018:  in 1920 a contract was signed to build a high school at a cost $225,000.  the builder went broke and the school was not completed.  The community came together and finished the project.  what city was it, and where was the new builder from?  answer:  Webster and clear lake.

may 3, 2018:  what are all the names the college now known as Dakota state university has been known by (in order) in the past? answer: eastern state teachers college, general beadle state teachers college, general beadle state college, Dakota state college, Dakota state university.

may 2, 2018:  what sticks through the wall outside the lewis & clark interpretive center in chamberlain?  answer: a boat

april 30, 2018:  Harrisburg, sd is home to a national division of a major corporation that breeds and tests what?  answer: corn & soybeans

april 27, 2018:  the mid-Dakota water project celebrated the completion of their water system, which serves 7000 square miles.  how many miles of water pipeline does it take to cover that 7000 square miles?  answer: 3700

april 25, 2018:  the main street of Webster, sd was roughly laid out when a settler placed something at the end of it.  what did he do?  answer: a rock

april 24, 2018:  This early day barnstormer traded two cars for an airplane in 1919 and went on to log more than 43,000 flight hours.  His last flight was on his 100th birthday.  What was his name, and were was he from?  answer: Clyde ice from Miller and Pierre.

april 20, 2018:  Murray rowe was the first person from canton inducted into what hall of fame?  answer: SD transportation Hall of Fame

april 19, 2018:  Us Olympic qualifying for the ski jump used to be held in SD.  near what town was it held, and why did they stop using it?  answer:  near canton and it blew down in a storm.

april 18, 2018:  sverre fretheim once set an Olympic record in south Dakota when he was attempting to qualify for the Olympic games.  what record did he set?  answer: ski jumping

april 16, 2018:  what community hosts the largest hydraulic hose assembly plant in the united states?  answer: brandon

april 13, 2018:  corson emminger built it.  we've all admired it in codington county.  what is it?  answer: the round barn south of watertown.

april 12, 2018:  south Dakota was also once home to another river boat called the "Nellie may".  where did that boat call home?  answer: James River.

april 6, 2018:  what was it that grounded the Sioux queen?  answer: A dam to the south washed out and drained all the water to this part of the river.

april 3, 2018:  1881... john O'Brien Scobey... went to the state legislature and asked for a particular state institution to be placed in brookings.  what institution was it?  answer: state penitentiary

march 30, 2018:  the shamus award is given to the nations best author of a private-eye novel.  in 1993, Harold adams of Edina, mn won that award.  he based the story on the area surrounding what sd city?  answer: clark

march 28, 2018:  there is a city in sd that has adopted the slogan "growing together".  What city is it?  answer: clark

march 27, 2018:  what city is "the mother city" of the Dakotas?  answer: yankton

march 23, 2018: which city in sd hosts the swiss choral society?  answer: freeman

march 21, 2018:  what town in sd likes to refer to itself as "the little city with big attractions"?  answer: dell rapids

march 20, 2018:  which city in sd proclaims that they are home to 611 jobs?  answer: big stone city

march 16, 2018:  the winner of the first spirit of Dakota award came from which sd city, and what's her name?  answer: Winifred lorentson from miller.

march 14, 2018:  what sd court house is made with blue Alaska marble?  answer: Hand county in Miller.

march 12, 2018:  in relation to sd history, the phrase "proving It up" refers to what?  answer: homesteading

march 9, 2018:  there is an industry in sd where it is actually illegal to lie down and fall asleep.  what is that industry?  answer: cheese factory

march 8, 2018:  there was a proviso which would have banned slavery in the territory acquired during the Mexican American war.  That proviso carried the name of a sd town.  What town is it?  Answer: wilmot

march 2, 2018:  Dakota, Lakota, and nakota societies have three political units.  What are they called?  answer: Bands, tribes, and Nations

feb. 21, 2018:  brookings, sd carries the designation of SD-1 in relation to what?  answer:

feb. 19, 2018:  who made the people in southern Dakota territory so mad, that they petitioned the federal government to make sd its' own state?  answer: neamiah ordway

feb. 16, 2018:  four states use this symbol on their flag.  in sd, there are creeks, hills, streets, and cities named after that symbol.  what is that symbol?  answer: buffalo

feb. 14, 2018:  what was considered as the most important building in early SD cities?  Answer: the school

feb. 13, 2018:  how did the Japanese bring world war II to South Dakota soil?  answer: they tied bombs to balloons.

feb. 12, 2018:  what did laura ingalls wilder write about in her first book, and who encouraged her to start?  answer: Wisconsin and her daughter.

feb. 8, 2018:   karl mundt and George McGovern had a big disagreement on one national issue.  what was that issue?  answer: Vietnam war

feb. 7, 2018:  what were the first two cities in sd to be served by the railroad?  answer: yankton and vermillion.

Feb. 5, 2018:  who was credited with naming yankton the first capitol of Dakota territory, and who gave him the authority to do so?  answer: JbS Todd, Abraham Lincoln's cousin-in-law.

feb. 2, 2018:  when lewis & clark left north Dakota, they traveled with a sign of peace.  what was that sign of peace?  answer: sacagawea

feb. 1, 2018:  lewis and clark went on an expedition starting at the Missouri river and traveled almost 8000 miles.  what was the proper name of that expedition party?  answer:  the corps of discovery.

jan. 31, 2018:  why would it be logical for a thinking man to believe that the residents of Seneca, Sd are indifferent to, or unaffected by grief, pleasure or pain?  answer: the man Seneca was a stoic.

jan. 10, 2018:  a us senator and congressman worked to bring a huge computer center to sd.  who were they, and what was the center?  Answer: 

jan. 9, 2018:  lewis and clark reported "barking squirrels" in the area that is now known as what county, and what were they referring to?  answer: Gregory county and prairie dogs.

jan. 8, 2018:  the first old soldiers monument was erected in 1904 in which south Dakota city?  answer: milbank

jan. 4, 2018:  which city in sd has a flagpole that resembles the eifel tower?  answer: tyndall

jan. 3, 2018:  who was the first black homesteader in west river SD, who eventually became a well known writer and actor, and has his own star on the Hollywood walk of fame?  answer: Oscar micheaux

jan. 2, 2018:  there has only been one person born in watertown that played in the nfl.  who was it?  answer: bob scholtz

dec. 28, 2017:  two brothers, both born In Milbank, both played in the nfl.  who were they?  answer: Jack & Pug Manders

dec. 22, 2017:  who was the first usd graduate to play in the nfl?  answer: ordell Brasse.

dec. 21, 2017:  in 1942, an organization moved into Sioux falls for a few years, then left.  when they left, they left terrace park to the city.  what was the organization?  answer: us army air corps.

dec. 20, 2017:  there are two things wrong with the current sd license plates, according to sd law.  what are they?  answer: the background is too dark, and Washington has his head turned.

dec. 19, 2017:  the pasque flower was named south Dakota's state flower when?  answer: 1903

dec. 18, 2017:  sd has had seven of these removed.  What are they?  answer:  airports

dec. 14, 2017:  give us the name, and the place of employment of the 2016 librarian of the year for South Dakota.  answer: terri ewald- Webster city library.

dec. 13, 2017:  December, 1955, the last steam locomotive pulled into Sioux falls, sd.  what was the number of the engine?  Answer: 81

dec. 11, 2017:  if you are approved by these five people, dave krogstad, Dwayne lafabe, denny martens, pearl miller, and bobbie potts, you will become a member of what sd hall of fame?  answer: aviation

dec. 8, 2017:  a little girl and her horse were swept up by a tornado, carried 1000 yards, and safely set down near which sd city?  answer: bowdle

Dec. 4, 2017:  sd is known as the "hosting" capitol of the world, for four reasons.  who are those four?  answer: bob barker, mary hart, pat O'Brien, and tom brokaw.

Dec. 1, 2017:     It is against the law in deadwood, sd to have one word on the outside of your business.  what is that word?  answer:  casino

nov. 28, 2017:  it is south dakota's largest permanent public model railroad display.  Who put it together, and where is it?  answer? 

nov. 27, 2017:   recently, the first ever sea plane port was approved for sd.  which lake received the approval?  answer: lake cochrane

nov. 21, 2017:  Prior to LATI being formed in 1965, there were some technical classes being held in Watertown, which helped lead to the formation of lati.  What was the first class taught and where was it held?  answer: Office machines in the basement of McKinley school.

nov. 14, 2017:  give us the name of the first woman to claim a gold mining site on French creek, which is now custer, Sd.  Answer: sarah campbell

nov. 13, 2017:  the orange mountain dandelion is an extremely rare plant in sd, but it is often found in one general area in the state.  where is it?  answer: the black hills.

nov. 9, 2017:    from 1976-1979 Beresford high school had a team that went undefeated in aaa competition.  what team was it?  answer: marching band.

nov. 8, 2017:  what is the oldest surviving business in South Dakota?  answer: Norberg paint in Sioux falls.

nov. 7, 2017:  the state of Sd has 56 of these.  what are they?  answer: state parks

nov. 6, 2017:  statistics gathered through the customer service survey at the watertown post office show that on average, how many customers are waited on at the front desk each day?  answer: 1800

nov. 3, 2017:  Gov. Arthur C. Mellette started a law firm in Watertown that has been in existence ever since.  who is the attorney that leads that office now?  answer?  tom burns

nov. 2, 2017:  the first minuteman missle accident ever happened near what sd community?  answer: vale.

oct. 17, 2017:  Floyd red crow westerman, was awarded the highest honor of northern state university.  what is that award?  answer: distinguished alumni award.

oct. 16, 2017:  the olive house in watertown was the first one to have one of these.  What was it?  Answer:  a flushable toilet

oct. 13, 2017:  in 1976, john morrell's workers went on strike over inadequate benefits. how long did it take to reach an agreement?  answer: three days

oct. 12, 2017:  which city in south Dakota is known as the "mother city" of the Dakotas?  answer: yankton

oct. 10, 2017:  Hamlin county had a conservation officer, his name was brook brown, what saying was he well known for?  answer:  Fish on!!

oct. 5, 2017:  the sec. of agriculture, ezra taft benson, was speaking in sd, and they threw eggs at him.  What special event was he attending?  answer: the corn picking contest.

sept. 26, 2017:  a sculpture in sd named willie weather watcher stands where, and who created it? answer: he's In the front office the Watertown Public opinion and was created by ron walker.

sept. 21, 2017:  SD has two world champions from olerich.  what are they world champions in?  answer:  bronc riding and barrel racing.

sept. 19, 2017:  invented in sd, it's called the door-hickey.  what is it, and where was it invented?  answer: It is a sliding door opener for your elbow, and was invented in Brookings.

sept. 18, 2017:  there are three geographical formations in SD smaller than canyons with many of the same features. two in Western SD, one in eastern sd.  where is the one in eastern sd, and what is its' name?  answer: big coulee west of Wilmot.

sept. 14, 2017:  fall river county has one, harding county has two, and perkins county has one creek that all have the same name.  what's that name?  answer: duck creek

sept. 13, 2017:  which restaurant within 50 miles of watertown, disassembled their bowling alley and made tables out of it?  answer: charger café in Hayti.

sept. 12, 2017:  reptile gardens got off to a slow start, until the founder added a new, dangerous attraction.  What was it?  answer: alligator wrestling.

sept. 11, 2017:  during the tough times of the 30's and 40's the state of sd relied on homestake gold mine to weather the storm.  there was one buyer for homestake gold.  Name that buyer?  answer: US Government

Sept. 8, 2017:  who was the first south Dakotan to be inducted into the major league baseball hall of fame?  answer:  sparky anderson

sept. 6, 2017:  what is the name of the south Dakotan who battled moonshiners on the yankton Sioux reservation, and served as a bodyguard for calvin Coolidge?  answer: al capone's brother, james.

sept. 5, 2017:  How did joe Foss' father die?  answer: he drove over a live electrical cable.

sept. 1, 2017:  the cowboy's prayer, a famous poem often attributed to anonymous, was actually written by a south Dakotan.  Who was it?  answer:  Badger clark

august 30, 2017:  how many steps are there to the top of the crazy horse monument?  answer: 741

august 29, 2017:   Josef Meier built a landmark in the black hills.  what did he build?  answer:  the amphitheater for the passion play.

august 28, 2017:  what month, day, and year was ground broken on the current watertown post office?  Answer:  may 23, 1975.

august 17, 2017:  Aberdeen, Ipswich, Plankinton, timber lake, rapid city, and st. francis each had one.  it no longer exists in any of those cities.  what was it?  answer: they all had "palaces on the prairie", similar to the corn palace.

august 15, 2017:  it was called the greatest display of grain ever shown by any country.  What was it, and in which sd city did it exist?  answer: Plankinton grain palace.

august 14, 2017:  what sd group played the kennedy center, and served up "pop rock with a punch" ?  answer:  kory and the fireflies

august 11, 2017:  in the 1970's there was a spike in the opening of fast-food diners across sd.  that cultural shift coincided with what change in families in sd?  answer:  mothers working

august 10, 2017:  Thomas fawick did something that caused the biggest controversy for the state's youngest mayor.  what was it?  answer:  he purchased the statue of david in Sioux falls.

august 9, 2017:  canton sd used to have a college, what was it called?  augustana

august 7, 2017:  carrie nation, the crusader for prohibition, had a reputation for smashing drinking establishments.  in Sd, she struck a deal with a deadwood bar owner to smash only what in his establishment?  answer: cheap bottles of booze and mirror.

august 3, 2017:  what is "searching for (or astride) the white mule"?  answer: a book about prohibition in sd.

august 2, 2017:  in which SD city is it against the law to cause static?  answer: huron

august 1, 2017:  in 1923, the state of SD constructed its' first what?  answer: paved highway.

july 31, 2017:  Gov. peter norbeck hired john kirkham to build what south dakotans had wanted for a long time.  What did he build?  answer: bridges across the Missouri river.

july 27, 2017:  according to the SD State song, hail south Dakota, three things make our state grand.  what are they?  answer: health, wealth, and beauty.

july 26, 2017:  in advertising for farmers to move to Sd, a phrase was coined.  "the rains will follow the ______" it proved not to be true.  Answer: plow

july 24, 2017:  in 1902 one of the several last special events was held in SD, and president Theodore Roosevelt attended.  what was that special event, of which many were called "the Last"?  answer: Roundup

july 12, 2017:  who was the runner on foot who in 1903 successfully defeated a young thoroughbred horse and rider in a 24 mile race from ft. Thompson to American creek?  answer: 

july 11, 2017:  although pres. james Buchanan never had a strong reputation, he did something important for South Dakota. what was it?  answer: he signed the documents creating Dakota territory.

july 10, 2017:  before its' destruction, watertown business university was housed in a building called tarbell hall.  who was it named for, and what did he do?  answer: Dr. Herbey tarbell

july 7, 2017:  before it was ellsworth air force base, it was named what?  answer: weaver air force base.

july 5, 2017:  in 1969 the FAA Honored the South Dakota aeronautics mechanic of the year.  Who was it?  Answer: Laverne Kramer.

june 28, 2017:  in 1904 an eastern firm examined this mine, and offered the partners a certified check for $84,000 to buy it.  one of the owners, who was very intoxicated, told them $100,000 or nothing.  The deal fell through, and he died a pauper.  what black hills mine was it?  Answer: The comet mine.

june 26, 2017:  starting on june 27, the combat raider schedule comes to SD. cattlemen have been warned about it, because of the star of the show.  What is the star of the show?  answer: B1 bomber

june 20, 2017:  how many counties were formed by the first SD legislature?  answer: 18

june 15, 2017:  what is the number one complaint heard in treasurers office in South Dakota?  answer:  plates on trailers are too small.

june 14, 2017:  give us the name of the first deaf person to earn a pilot's license in the US.  Where is she from, and what is her name?  Answer: Nellie willhite from box elder, sd.

june 12, 2017:  smoke jumpers were used in SD starting in what year, and were phased out of service in what year?  answer: 1959 and 1969.

june 8, 2017: what year did Wallace south Dakota have it's largest graduating class?  Answer: 1959

june 6, 2017:  lake area tech sold an airplane to fund the beginning of their aviation program.  What airplane did they sell?  answer: dehavilland Beaver.

June 2, 2017:  what's considered to be the oldest works of man in SD?  answer: the indian mounds.

may 16, 2017:  name the city in NE south Dakota that was home to the last standard station in the united states to use the visible gas pumps?  answer: crandall

may 15, 2017:  only two states share a border completely and permanently marked. what are the markers made of, and how many of them are there?  answer: SD and Nd have 720 quartzite markers along their borders.

may 12, 2017:  hoven, Sd has a church that was built as a cathedral of the prairie, why can't it be called a cathedral?  answer:  they don't have a bishop.

may 11, 2017:  the co-creator of the powerful anti-dandruff shampoo, selsun blue, is from which south Dakota city?  answer: willow lake

may 10, 2017:  how many times, including the Louisiana purchase, was the area of the united states that includes south Dakota claimed by a foreign country?  answer: four

may 9, 2017:  president Jefferson chose capt. Meriwether lewis, a cousin of George Washington, to head a party of explores to the Louisiana purchase.  what position did lewis hold in the government?  answer: Jefferson's personal secretary.

may 4, 2017:  thousands of men and women traveled to tripp county to take part in the homestead lottery.  one of those men lost out in the lottery, but later was elected to A high office.  Who was he?  answer: harry truman

may 3, 2017:  someone from Deuel co. would meet you, shake your hand, and say "remember, I am your friend.  Who was it?  answer: e.w. weisel

may 1, 2017:  who was the founder of Kranzburg?

april 28, 2017:  What delicacy was introduced in Hutchinson co. in the 1880's?  answer: Chislic from Russia.

april 25, 2017:  this mine in the black hills was located by California joe and jack hunter.  what was the name of the mine?  answer: chief of the hills.

april 14, 2017:  which association is credited with introducing aviation in SD?  answer:  sd stockgrowers assn.

april 13, 2017:  in kingsbury county 1439 capsules of what were buried in 1961?  answer: gold

april 12, 2017:  what permit gave korczak ziolkowski permission to start crazy horse?  Answer: mining permit

april 11,2017:  what do the communities of Watertown, Hartford, hazel, Estelline, hayti, tea, and Humboldt have in common?  answer:  Locations of reliabank.

april 7, 2017:  what was kyle evans' nickname? Answer:  The singing troubadour.

april 6, 2017:  a SD lawmaker is known for his black hat, friendly smile, and wheelchair.  Who is he, and what put him in the wheelchair?  Answer:  Billie Sutton, who was injured in a rodeo accident.

april 3, 2017:  the bank which eventually became reliabank was chartered as the farmers national bank of South Shore in what year?  answer: 1920

march 30, 2017:  what did congress do that caused many musical instruments to become obsolete, which then led to the creation of the national music museum in vermillion?  answer: they created a new pitch level, changing the amount of vibrations in each of the notes.

march 29, 2017:  who is the man in south Dakota who created the first mother's day?  answer:  Gov. Robert Vessey.

march 27, 2017:  wounded knee, 1973, a building was burnt down.  What was the name of that building?  answer: Sacred Heart Catholic Church.

march 17, 2017:  what is the name of the musical group who's mission is to bridge the gap between indian and non-indian cultures?  answer: Brule'

march 16, 2017:  in 1969 and 1970 which popular tv show filmed two episodes in the black hills?  answer: gunsmoke

march 15, 2017:  it started in 1912.  It's called the biggest single-day event in SD.  What is it?  Answer:  hobo day

march 14, 2017:  it was formed in 1959 in SD.  The engineers planned to work on government contracts, but it evolved.  Ed Yost was the father of this industry.  What industry was it?  answer: Raven industries.

march 10, 2017:  when Lawrence welk was hired to perform on wnax radio in yankton, what was the name of his band?  Answer: the Honolulu fruit gum boys.

march 9, 2017:  thanks to alfalfa and sweet clover, sd consistently ranks high in the production of what?  answer: honey

march 8, 2017:  how many steps are carved into the mountain, taking you to the top of the crazy horse monument?  answer: 741

MARCH 6, 2017:  vIC'S PLACE, tHE dEPOT, AND tACO tOWNE ALL HAVE SOMETHING IN COMMON.  wHERE ARE THEY, AND WHAT DO THEY HAVE IN COMMON?  ANSWER: Vic's place is in Dimock, the depot is in Aberdeen, and taco towne is in vermillion.  All of them are going to be inducted into the south Dakota rock and roll hall of fame this year.

February 24, 2017:  who has been considered to be the state's premier historian?  answer: doane Robinson

February 23, 2017:  who gained fame for finding the largest gold nugget in the black hills?  answer: potato creek johnny

February 21, 2017: when SD became a state, 92% of the residents were rural.  how many years did it take for the urban dwellers to double?  answer: 25

February 20, 2017:  Gutzom Borglum set off a blast of dynamite to impress one person.  Who was he trying to impress?  answer: Franklin Roosevelt.

February 16, 2017:  what couple is considered to be the mother and father of spelunking in SD?  answer: herb & jan conn.

February 14, 2017:  in SD, there is a former hospital turned beauty shop, turned women's clothing store, and now a private residence on the historic register, that is known by an unusual name. what is it called, and where is it?  answer: the onion house in Delmont.

February 13, 2017:  there is a college in SD that is known as the "college on Wheels".  Which one is it?  answer:  augustana

January 26, 2017:  ernest Lawrence graduated with honors from USD. They say he left his mark in vermillion by forming the first what on campus?  answer: radio station

January 23, 2017:  a public area in SD carries the same name as someone at kxlg.  where is the public area, and what is it?  answer: Faehn Game Production area, two miles west of Wallace.

January 3, 2017:  the average what for South Dakotans steadily increased starting in 1889, and the trend reversed in 1950.  what was it? answer:

December 28, 2016:  his father wanted him to be a carpenter, but he went to law school.  But, he quit after three years, and tried selling insurance, but was fired twice. he went on to run his own national business from SD.  Who is it?  Answer: Oscar austad - austad's golf.

December 27, 2016:  in 1956, a movie premiered at the state theatre in Sioux falls.  it showed actual footage of buffalo being shot and killed in sd.  what was the name of that movie?  answer: the last hunt.

December 23, 2016:  where is the world's largest bee-keeping facility?  answer: the adee honey company in Bruce, SD

December 22, 2016:  how many years did it take to get electricity in the rural areas after the cities got it?  answer:  50 years.

December 19, 2016:  what did George t. mickelson do to a coyote?  answer:  named "tootsie" the coyote as the official state Coyote.

December 13, 2016:  ba douglas was thrown out of work.  what was douglas' purpose, and what brought an end to that purpose?  answer: it was a steamboat that could no longer navigate the river because the bridge was too low.

December 12, 2016:  what school in SD was known as the college on wheels?  answer: augustana

December 9, 2016:  in 1934 from January to may, sd had sixty of these reported.  What was it?  answer:  dust storms.

December 8, 2016:  sue Hendrickson found the biggest one of these ever in SD.  What was it? Answer: A t-rex dinosaur skeleton.

December 7, 2016:  in the early 19th century, promoters falsely claimed that the rains will follow the _____ in western South Dakota.  Answer: the plow

December 6, 2016:  two south dakotan's appear in one of wwII's most recognizable photographs.  what is the name of the photograph? answer: gung ho!!

December 5, 2016:  david ploof won more consecutive of what than anyone in the state of SD? legion baseball games.

December 1, 2016:  in the steamboat era, how many steamboats were claimed by the Missouri river?  answer:400

November 30, 2016:  in 1876, henry smith, a minister, tried to clean up deadwood.  What denomination was he?  answer: methodist

November 21, 2016:  in 1898, what happened to make the falls at Sioux falls flow more smoothly?  answer: they shaved down some of the rocks.

November 18, 2016:  where in Sd would you have to go if you wanted to actively take part in beseda dancing?  answer: tabor

November 14, 2016:  during the war of the outbreak, a man and 11 Teton Sioux young men rescued two women and seven children who had been taken captive at Lake Shetak, MN, by Santee Sioux.  What was the name of the man, and what did they call the Teton Sioux young men?

November 11, 2016:  why was dave deadrick chosen to be captain 11?  answer:  they flipped a coin.

November 9, 2016:  who was the youngest mayor ever elected in Sioux falls, and how old was he?  answer: rick knobe, 27.

November 8, 2016: in the 1930's the smallest county sheriff, Maurice nelson, was 5 feet tall and weighed 120 pounds.  What county was he sheriff of?  Answer: buffalo

November 7, 2016:  a south Dakotan that was obsessed by getting rid of vermin got in trouble for his tactics.  What was the vermin he was hunting?  answer: rattle snakes

November 4, 2016:  before Clarence hoel started the jackpine gypsies, what sort of business was he in?  answer: he worked for an ice house.

November 3, 2016:  the jackpine gypsies riding club held a meeting.  that meeting is now a yearly event in SD.  what is the event known as now?  answer: the Sturgis rally

November 1, 2016:  what is the name of the house where the ghost of Dorothy from the wizard of oz supposedly exists?  answer: Easton castle

October 26, 2016:  emil tucholke wore a fur coat for a professional photograph which was used on postcards for the celebration of what in 1961?  answer: the 100th anniversary of the Dakota territory.

October 12, 2016:  what was the act that congress passed in 1916 to specifically aid the cattle industry?  answer: the stock-raising homestead act.

October 11, 2016:  who was the south Dakotan that built the first cyclotron, and what was it?  answer: earnest Lawrence.  It advanced the science that made the atomic bomb possible.

October 10, 2016:  in SD, who had the wisdom of Solomon, and the strength of atlas?  answer:  Dave deadrick as captain 11.

October 7, 2016:  when was the last official benedictine mass held at blue cloud abbey?  answer:  august 5, 2012

October 6, 2016:   an early manufacturing partnership was started by two local men just west of present day watertown.  Who were the two partners and what did they make?  answer:     Arthur Mellette & john McIntyre made bricks

October 5, 2016:  what percentage of manufacturing firms in SD are considered to be a small business:  ANswer: 90 percent

October 3, 2016:   in WWII there was a german pOW camp in SD located near which city?  answer: nisland

September 30, 2016:  in localities that did not have rail connections, communication with the outside world was maintained through what?  answer: mail carriers

September 29, 2016:  in what year did the SD State legislature enact a civil rights law which prohibited barring a person from any public place because of race, color, religion, or national origin?  answer: 1963

September 28, 2016:   in 1869 the bohemians colonized seven miles west of yankton.  What was the name of that colony?  answer: lake port

September 22, 2016:  the first wetlands policy in America was written by a south Dakotan, who was he? Daniel Roberts

September 21, 2016:  how many non-farm animal caretakers are there in south Dakota?  answer: 550

September 19, 2016:  Between 1919 and 1929, the number of business establishments in SD declined from 1054 to 615.  but, value added rose from $17 million to $22 Million.  One industry was responsible for 2/3 of the growth.  Name that industry?  answer:  meat packing and processing.

September 16, 2016:  what is the smallest county seat in south Dakota?  answer:  gann valley

September 9, 2016:  in the 1930's a banker embezzled from closed state banks, and deposited the money in another bank owned by his family in platte.  what was his name, and how much did he embezzle?  answer:

September 8, 2016:  the big stone canning company perfected machinery that made it possible to pack what? whole kernel corn.

September 7, 2016:  it started in 1912, with 580 participants, the project carried on until 1946, and at that time, only two of the original group were still remaining in the belle fourche area.  what was it?  answer: belle fourche water district.

September 6, 2016:  which sd city has a spot on the monopoly here and now edition game?  answer: pierre

September 2, 2016:  jewel cave is the world's third longest cave system, with how many miles of surveyed passage ways?  answer: 120

September 1, 2016:  what famous person rode in the 1952 hobo day parade?  answer: Dwight D. eisenhower

august 30, 2016:  who painted the mural on the back wall of the old Club 20, and where is the artist now?  Answer: Debbie Bartron - Australia

august 19, 2016:  before mt. rushmore was carved.  The mountain had a name.  what was the name of mt. rushmore before it was carved?  answer: 6 grandfathers

august 18, 2016:  in 1897, two thirds of the world's wheat passed through which SD city?  answer: eureka.

august 11, 2016:  what was the "festive steer king" east and north of rapid city in agriculture? 

august 10, 2016:  the cowbelles paid yearly membership dues.  How much was it?  answer: 50 cents.

august 8, 2016:  in what year were the cowbelles of the south Dakota stockgrowers assn. formed?  Answer: 1951

August 2, 2016:  in early day south Dakota they were scarce, they were higher priced, more expensive to keep, less docile, and more likely to be stolen.  What were they, and what were they replaced by?  answer: horses by oxen.

August 1, 2016:  in 1889 the ending of the territorial system ended with the exit of just one man.  Who was it?  Answer: Gov. Louis K. Church

july 28, 2016:  the most important legislation passed in the 1883 SD legislature did what?  Answer: moved the capitol to pierre.

july 27, 2016:  creameries in the 1890's were modernized with a piece of equipment that eliminated the need for a skimming station.  What was the new piece of equipment?  answer:  a separator centrifuge

july 25, 2016:  the mortgages in the days of the settlement of the james river valley were generally $300, but due to bonuses, interest rates, commissions, and inspection fees, that mortgage often jumped to how much?  answer:   $400

July 20, 2016:  Name the first city in South Dakota that had telephone service?  Answer: deadwood

july 18, 2016:  Teddy Roosevelt helped create an organization that brought together cattlemen to create a unified effort.  What was that organization called?  Answer: little Missouri stockman's assn.

july 15, 2016:  when the tax started to create public libraries, which two SD cities were the first to start doing it?  answer: Sioux falls and Aberdeen.

july 14, 2016:  in 1887 SD passed a law permitting towns to establish a public institution, and collect taxes for their support.  What was it?  answer:  libraries

july 13, 2016:  the first Dakota territorial legislature had a nickname.  What was yet?  answer: the pony congress.

july 11, 2016:  George w. kingsbury started a media outlet in south Dakota named what?  answer:   the Dakota union

july 8, 2016:  in the late 1800's, when banks were being established, trading in gold dust vanished.  Gold dust and nuggets were replaced by what currency?  answer: gold coins.

july 7, 2016:  congress provided funding for several counties in south Dakota to do something to offset the drought in the late 1800's.  What was it?  answer: dig wells

July 5, 2016: the organic act of March 2, 1861 gave something to south Dakota that remained in effect until statehood.  What was it?  answer:  It created Dakota territory.

june 28, 2016:  Chautauqua assemblies became very popular in the late 1800's in SD.  One organization that organized these events began in 1891 and continued to 1933.  what was it called?  answer: lake Madison Chautauqua association.

june 27, 2016:  in which city in SD, did the sheep breeders and wool growers Assn. start?  answer: sturgis

june 24,2016:  john f. Lindley was beaten.  who beat him, and in what competition?  answer: Governor - Nils boe

june 21, 2016: In 1887 they held the first one.  It covered an area from Belle Fourche valley southward into fall river county.  What were they doing? answer: rounding up wild horses.

june 17, 2016:  in what year did the state of south Dakota create an organization to coordinate the activities of conservation in south Dakota?  Answer: 1937

june 16, 2016:   emmigration from south Dakotas rural areas, resulted in a trend toward what?  Answer: larger farms.

June 14, 2016:  present day Kennebec was formerly known as which city in South Dakota?  Answer:  hotch city

june 13, 2016:  father pierre Desmet came from what country?  answer: belgium

june 8, 2016:  in the 1800's watertown and custer had competing manufacturers.  what product did they make?  Answer: paint

june 6, 2016:     how much was the Governor of SD paid for his salary in 1967?  Answer? $18,000.

June 2, 2016:  which south Dakota political leader had no say in the matter, but the black hills gold rush was a major political problem for him?  Answer: Gov. Pennington

may 31, 2016:  Erasmus and john deffebach were among the first to arrive in the Dakota territory, and make a lot of money doing what?  Answer: Raised beef

may 27, 2016:  When did the first railway train arrive in Rapid city?  Answer: July 4, 1886

may 24, 2016:  during the civil war, there was a national draft, but it did not apply to the Dakota territory, why not?  answer: They already had enough volunteers.

may 20, 2016:  what city in SD sold about 200,000 trees on a single day in 1885?  answer:  redfield

may 19, 2016:  What president put a stop to unfair land-swindlers in South Dakota?  answer: grover Cleveland.


may 12, 2016:  the building that formerly housed cave supply and the pit stop in uptown watertown used to be a hotel.  What was the name of the hotel?  Answer: the arcade.

may 10, 2016:   Two small businesses, the foto pla, and the idle hour, were located in what south Dakota city and what were they? answer: Theatres in watertown.

may 9, 2016:  five creeks in south Dakota start with the same first word, what is it?  Answer: sand

may 6, 2016:  it's illegal to do this in a cheese factory in South Dakota, what is it?  Answer: fall asleep.

May 5, 2016:  miller boy scout lake is near which south Dakota city?  answer: huron

May 4, 2016: In the state of south Dakota there is a new housing development called wildlife estates.  where is it located?  answer: clear lake


April 28, 2016:  A man named Jeremiah Milbank gave a $15,000 gift to a budding city... What was the city, and what was the gift?  Answer: to build a church in Milbank.

APRIL 27, 2016 : wHAT WAS Sherwin Linton's FIRST BAND called?  aNSWER - tHE FENDER BENDERS.

April 22, 2016 : Question- Watertown and Mitchell were formerly Sub-Bases to What Mother Base?  Answer: Sioux City

April 26, 2016: Question: In December 1874, Congress Passed a Law to Allow Settlers to Absent from their Homestead until July. What was the reason for That? Answer: Grasshoppers




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